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Managing Director of the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), Scarlette Gillings, has underscored the role played by service clubs in the social and economic development of the country.
Giving the main address at the annual installation banquet of the Rotary Club of Port Antonio, at the Jamaica Palace Hotel in Port Antonio, Portland on Tuesday (June 30), Mrs. Gillings said the work being done by these clubs was an excellent example of the spirit of volunteerism needed to confront the numerous challenges confronting Jamaica.
She asserted that the Rotary Club of Port Antonio has had a significant impact on community development in the parish, despite limited resources, and exhorted the people of the parish to support the club as it continues to serve humanity.
Noting that there is a great deal of similarity in the work done by service clubs and the mandate of poverty elimination being pursued by the JSIF, Mrs. Gillings said the core objective of her organisation is the provision of financing for developmental projects for the upliftment of communities.
One of the responsibilities of JSIF is to seek cheap funds for the financing of its projects, and international funding organisations are the major sources of funding for its ventures, she said.
She also observed that the JSIF works closely with communities to implement projects and pointed out that, in addition, the organisation also assists in other aspects of development by co-operating with communities to provide skills training for members, and helping to build social capital in the nation.
She stated that JSIF has developed a reasonably good track record of working with communities over its 13 years of existence, and is proud of its efforts to promote community spirit and encourage co-operation and unity among the Jamaican people.

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