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The National Parent-Teacher Association of Jamaica believes that our children need a strong stable foundation upon which to build true character of honesty, integrity, self confidence, drive, determination and loyalty. With this foundation they will thrive to accomplish their desires and their dreams.
This truth is nestled in the stark reality that many parents are still trying to figure out their own purpose, even as they seek to raise their children. In many instances, these parents never realized their dreams and aspirations before bearing children. The greater truth however, is that this situation leaves many of our children without the attention they rightfully deserve.
Children are our greatest gifts and we must continue to explore greater possibilities to help them explore their God given potential. We therefore call on our parents to ensure that they develop “children-centred” homes and equally our teachers must embrace the need for a “student-centred teaching and learning environment. As we grapple with the “how” to position our education system at that place where we are all comfortable, the need to invest more in parenting becomes an even more urgent concern. This truly is where we will immediately affect the lives of our children. With conscious parenting, parents will better understand the far-reaching impact their actions are having on their children. We hope that more parents will take time out to make the necessary adjustments in order to achieve outcomes that will contribute to the development of our country.
As parents, we are called upon in this theme “parent the right way: read to your child every day”, but we must first be able to read for ourselves, comprehend and analyse what we read, screen what we read and then share materials that will edify and improve our children.
To our many parents that have seen great successes from their labour we congratulate you and share in your joys. We pray for and encourage those parents who are experiencing difficulties of all sorts. We say to all parents, be encouraged and have faith in God. Continue to get involved in the affairs of your children, especially at school, because “Involved parents = better students”.
Let’s celebrate this Parent Month, in peace, love and harmony and may it be a memorable one for all of us.
Miranda O. Sutherland, (Rev.)PresidentNational Parent-Teacher Association of Jamaicanptaj@hotmail.com

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