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The flagship programme of the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), Jamaica Magazine, has a new outlet – Northern Caribbean University (NCU) FM – and will be aired on the station, beginning today, Monday, November 2.
Acting Manager of the Radio Department at the JIS, Mrs. Alva Lindsay Blair, made the announcement during an interview with JIS News.
The station currently operates as WIC Radio, a regional service on 91.1 from NCU’s main campus in Mandeville, but will be known as NCU FM next year, and will transmit on 91.1, 91.3 and 91.5. They are now performing test transmissions.
“Even though they are only carrying out test transmissions, people will still be hearing and so we took the decision, starting Monday, to send Jamaica Magazine for airing on NCU FM,” the Acting Radio Manager said.
Jamaica Magazine is currently aired on nine stations – News Talk 93FM, RJR 94FM, Bess100 FM, Power 106, Hot 102, Love 101, KLAS FM, Nationwide News Network and Radio France.
Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of the JIS, Mrs. Donna-Marie Rowe, noted that this new medium is another outlet for the JIS’ programmes and is pleased with the ability to expand the reach of Government information.
“The JIS is constantly seeking new communication platforms that will enable us to connect with Jamaicans in a meaningful way. NCU FM provides us with the opportunity to engage another group of tertiary students and members of the community in Central Jamaica and, once their transmission capabilities are enhanced, the wider Jamaica,” Mrs. Rowe explained.
Meanwhile, Acting General Manager of the NCU Media Group, Mr. Everett Wiles, pointed out that Jamaica Magazine was chosen because it is an informative programme.
“We chose Jamaica Magazine, because we have to fill a mandate for Government broadcasts and I know that Jamaica Magazine is a longstanding programme that is well produced, very informative and we felt that it would be necessary for us to have that programme aired on our network,” Mr. Wiles told JIS News. “We feel that Jamaica Magazine will be a perfect fit for what we will be offering,” he added.
Jamaica Magazine will be aired during the station’s prime time slot Monday through Friday between 6:00 p.m. and 6:30 pm. “The only time it will be different is on a Saturday and Sunday,” Mr. Wiles explained, adding that full operations will commence early next year.
“We are in the set up phase right now. We will start operations from about two locations that will give us 80 to 90 per cent coverage of the island and then we will go from there,” he added. NCU FM will primarily air educational and religious programmes.
In the meantime, Mrs. Lindsay Blair announced that the JIS will broadcast two new features starting in November, focussing on education and security.
“Education is one of the key sectors that we are looking at, so come November, we intend to start a new five-minute feature which will focus on primary schools, students, parents, PTAs, and other matters, while showcasing the curriculum and the successes in our education system. It will highlight the good that is happening in the schools. The percentage of negative outcomes cannot in any way outshine the success stories that teachers see everyday. It is our job to find those gems and showcase them and that is what we are going to be doing with this new feature,” she explained.
“Another feature that is scheduled for November will focus on security. It is not going to focus on the security forces per se, but programmes such as community policing and community security and justice,” Mrs. Lindsay Blair added.

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