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A Mentorship Programme was launched at the Manchester based Winston Jones High School on June 18, by the bauxite and alumina company, Jamalco.
Corporate Services and Government Affairs Manager at Jamalco, Leo Lambert, said that the initiative is designed to provide an environment, which will seek to embrace and to unearth the good in children.
“Life is full of options and choices. We can choose to do good, or bad. The programme is about embracing the good in our children. We are here as change agents, and seeking to provide an environment that will assist in the development of our students, and help them to develop their fullest potential,” Mr. Lambert said at the launch of Phase Two of the programme.
A special component of the programme is an Excellence Club, which will become part of the extra curricular activities at the school. It will afford the opportunity for all participants to gain exposure in different areas, and a number of students who show promise, and demonstrate discipline will receive scholarships.
Lauding the initiative by Jamalco, Community Relations Officer in the Ministry of Education, Charmaine Gooden-Monteith, said Jamalco was a good partner in educational development, and “implementing this mentorship programme is quite timely, as it will improve and help students to adopt the right attitude.”
Vice Principal of Winston Jones High School, Kitty Foster, said the programme is a welcomed opportunity for the institution to further empower students. “It will be quite beneficial to the students who participate, and the staff will work with Jamalco to ensure the success of the programme,” she said. Persons who will mentor the students are drawn from the company’s workforce and management team. Phase one of the Mentorship Programme was instituted at the Vere Technical High School, in Clarendon.

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