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Mayor of Mandeville, Councilor Brenda Ramsay, and Mayor of May Pen, Councilor Milton Brown, have welcomed the newly established South Coast Chapter of the Realtors Association of Jamaica.
“Owning a home is desirous for most persons, and when they are doing so, they need the best professional and honest advice. Your organisation is most welcomed, and must be that source where one can expect competence, trust and reliability,” Mrs. Ramsay said at the launch of the group held at the Golf View Hotel, on February 24.
For Mayor Brown, the Council’s work with the realtors is a very important collaboration. “We partner in the process of approving building plans, and to ensure that construction is taken place in an orderly and correct way. The realtors association is best poised to assist us to do business properly at the local authority. Your input is necessary, and we will continue to rely on it,” the Mayor said.
Meanwhile, gust speaker at the function, and President of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Winston Lawson, said a much stronger and more vibrant real estate sector in the region is possible. He lauded the Government’s drive to lower interest rates, stating that it will help the sector to grow.
“It is the opinion of the Chamber that low interest rates is a strong and necessary force to drive an economy into production. It is not the sole panacea, no one this is, but it is a necessary component to assist with the effort of raising production levels, and if managed well, raise employment and general standards of living for the majority of the people in this region, and the country at large,” he said.
“Lower interest rates have the potential to greatly assist the real estate sector. With lower rates, it must be evident that mortgages should be more affordable, this should stimulate demand for real estate. Additionally, the lower rate will assist many of you in the real estate sector, developers, and contractors to access cheaper funding to carry out your real estate projects in making more housing available to the public,” Mr. Lawson added.

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