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City Life Ministries based in South Side, Central Kingston has been serving the needs of, and providing opportunities of hope for citizens living in the wider inner-city communities of Kingston for the past five years.
Pastor and Executive Director of City Life Ministries, Carrington Morgan explains that “Wherever the people gather in a concentrated way we find the pulse of the people and there is a certain culture and personality there that we want to tap into and so we look for these kind of places and we try to get involved, we look into the potential of people and we try to help them to express themselves. Our own main thing is linking up need and potential with resource so we are really a project oriented ministry but very much a facilitatory organization”.
“One of the biggest needs by citizens is hope and the people need hope. I would say our biggest problem in Jamaica is just not having the hope and the perseverance to try again and this is partnered with the lack of opportunity,” he adds.
Pastor Morgan also notes that it is important for the Ministry to “keep its finger on the pulse” and to get to know and to understand the different communities. “We are not just communicating because I have what they need we are communicating about regular things. Sometimes people say I have a need but it’s really a want and sometimes they have a need that they don’t even recognize so I try to look deeper than just the cry for help,” he states.
As part of its ministry, City Life helps children between the ages of five and 13 years with homework, grooming, art, and empowerment. The group, which meets on Saturday mornings receives assistance especially from women in the community, who in turn benefit from tips on parenting.
“We have groups that come in and teach the children life skills and teach them about purpose. So it’s a time for us to get to know the kids and also we try to invite the parents to be a part of it as much as possible. So it’s a consistent tie with the community as far as helping them to grow their kids,” Pastor Morgan explains.
City Life also works to remove some of the tensions between communities by hosting events, such as treats, that people from different areas are invited to. These are held in spaces with which residents are familiar so that they feel at home.
“If you take two communities to a separate place then they’re both visitors at that community center or at that field, but if one of them becomes the host then they naturally have to take care of the visitor, so they sweep up and they clean up and they are on their best behavior because outsiders are coming in so we have to take care. When you actually give people responsibility in that way then they transform into responsible people,” Pastor Morgan states.
He further expresses the hope of developing even deeper relationships and reaching out to more communities with the end result being a better life for residents, through City Life Ministries.
Shane Dawkins from the community of Southside turned his life around as result of the intervention of City life Ministries.
“Back in the days we neva have nutten a do, we just sit down, play ball, and the majority of us just smoke weed and because of Mr. Morgan.he showed us another way..in a community like this nutten good nuh really come outa it most youths turn to violence and drugs,” he says.
As a result of the intervention Shane was able to enroll in a welding course at the HEART Trust/ NTA and was able to get a job and earn a living.
“Mi never really have the guide and nobody to look up to and Mr. Morgan come inna wi life. Mi neva know seh mi have dem skill deh, so it’s like a hidden power wake up,” he adds.
Presently Shane lends his support to the programme by sharing his experience with other youth who need a role model like he did. “Yeah man mi support it one hundred per cent because weh it do fi me, me never know seh mi have dem skill deh, an’ have dem ability deh,” Mr. Dawkins said.
Currently Shane is unemployed but is still grateful for the skills that he had learnt at HEART Trust NTA. “It help out a lot because mi nuh know weh mi wudda be if a never fi certain things,” Shane states.
City Life Ministries was developed out of the mandate and vision of the Morgan family, a group of ministers with a particular call to nations and to the Church within the nation. City Life Ministries seeks to become a dynamic Christian organization that impacts the city of Kingston towards playing its role in the restoration of Jamaica.

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