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Mayor of Portmore, Councillor George Lee, has been visiting schools in his jurisdiction to speak to students and teachers about local governance, civics and the role of the Municipality, as part of activities to commemorate National Community Month.
So far, the Mayor has visited Greater Portmore Primary, Independence City Primary and Gregory Park Basic Schools. On Tuesday, November 23, he is scheduled to visit Bridgeport Infant School.
During his visit to the Gregory Park Basic School last week, the Councillor Lee spoke with the students in their classrooms and later listened to songs and poems recited by them at a short cultural presentation.
Principal of the school, Regenta Peck told JIS News that she was delighted at the Mayor’s visit. “I think it’s a timely visit,” she said, adding that she spoke to the Mayor about the condition of the road in front of the school.
She said that as a result of her meeting with the Mayor, a suggestion was put forward to build a “raised walk way” leading from the main road to the eastern side of the school building.
Gregory Park Basic School was built in 2001 and currently has a population of 107 students and four teachers.
In an interview with JIS News, Mayor Lee said that he had an opportunity to look at the schools’ infrastructure and learn of some of the problems faced by teachers and students during his visits to the schools.
“This also helps me to understand how they are thinking. I gain something and at the same time I teach them some civics. I teach them about governance, about the Municipality, about their responsibility and I try to motivate them,” the mayor said.
During the week, the Mayor also met with Principals in Portmore to discuss some of the challenges facing them and to identify projects to assist street children as well as children in school.

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