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Granville Newell, Communications Consultant in the Ministry of Information, is encouraging young men in Clarendon to develop good values and attitudes and to pursue their goals.
“Establish goals and go for them. If your goals are not now on paper, write them down and develop a personalized strategy to achieve realistic goals. When you talk about the things that you’d like to accomplish in life, please never say if I can do it, rather say when I do it,” he stated.
Mr. Newell was speaking at a Values and Attitude seminar held on November 19 at the Vere Technical High School auditorium.
According to Mr. Newell, it was important for young men to understand the principles of “being a man”, noting that this meant taking care of the family, being responsible for their actions, being a good listener and considering the plight of others with compassion.
The seminar, sponsored jointly by the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC); the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) and the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPSCo), is the third in a series of nine being held across the island where students benefit from presentations on values and attitude, caring for the environment and the safe use of electricity.
More than 300 students from about 13 schools in Clarendon including Kemps Hill, Denbigh, Glenmuir, Vere Technical, Central, Bustamante, Garvey Maceo and May Pen High Schools; Rock All-age School; Hayes Primary as well as the Rural Family Support Organization and May Pen Academy attended the seminar.

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