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The Southeast United States chapter of the Mannings High School Past Student’s Association, was launched in Fort Lauderdale, Florida last Saturday (Feb. 18).
The work of the chapter will be carried out by a seven-member ad hoc committee, until the election of an executive council later this year.
Anton Tomlinson of the New York chapter chaired the launch, which saw some 50 alumni coming together to discuss the school development programme, including repair and improvement plans, academics, student discipline, and revitalizing the sports programme.
Board member and trustee, Victor Lowe, said that the alumni chapters in New York, Toronto, Kingston and Savanna-la-mar have continued to support the school’s development through regular contribution of equipment, appliances and monetary donations. He also pointed to improvement in sports, especially in the areas of track and field and netball.
While expressing appreciation to the past students for their financial contribution to the school, Mr. Lowe appeals for support through service, skills and talent.
Jamaica’s Consul General to Miami, Ricardo Allicock, who also addressed the launch, lauded the work of the many Jamaican alumni associations in the United States, and spoke of their passion and commitment to maintaining the high standard of education in Jamaica.
Members of the newly-formed chapter were also addressed by school principal Gloria Wagstaff, and chairman of the Manning’s board of directors and attorney-at-law, Michael Palmer, who both gave an outline of the school’s development programme, showcasing areas of need.
Mannings High School, situated in Westmoreland, serves some 2,000 students from the parish. Founded in 1738, the school is the second oldest secondary institution in Jamaica, after Wolmer’s High School in Kingston.

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