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The Mandeville Regional Hospital (MRH) in Manchester has received J $7 million worth of COVID-19 related equipment, through a partnership with the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF).

The equipment which include: five bacterial/viral filters for ventilators; seven central venous catheters; six patient transport stretchers; 20 oxygen flowmeters; a blood analyzer and cartridge, were handed over on the hospital’s compound on Wednesday, March 12.

CEO for the facility, Alwyn Miller noted that despite the country experiencing a lull in COVID-19 cases, the hospital welcomes the support as it is still managing COVID-19 patients.

“We received these gifts from the Tourism Enhancement Fund as part of the COVID Pandemic response assistance to the hospital, to help us in terms of serving the public. Yes, we are pass the fourth wave, but we still have persons with COVID and these items will be vital in terms of serving these persons as well as serving other patients that may present to the hospital” Mr. Miller said.

The CEO explained that this donation is one of the most significant to the hospital since the Pandemic and has come at a right time in helping the hospital to respond to its clients.

Board Chairman of the Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA), which administrates the MRH, Wayne Chen noted that this viable contribution will enhance the Authority’s capacity to deliver healthcare to residents.

“Outside of the visible tourism that the TEF is responsible for, it is well known that central Jamaica, centered around Mandeville has become a retirement destination for many Jamaicans who have lived abroad. It is also a destination for their family and friends who come to visit and we have many Jamaicans in the Diaspora who visit this part of the country frequently and contribute significantly to economic activity and social life in central Jamaica. So, the ability to respond to our citizens and to place ourselves as a place where visitors can come and enjoy good healthcare facilities, is a priority. We continue to create that virtual cycle where people can come and feel safe and feel that there is no great risk to visit and in turn generate more economic activity” Mr. Chen explained.

For Executive Director of the TEF, Dr. Carey Wallace, enhancing Jamaica as a tourist destination means enhancing its facilities, particularly health institutions.

“A destination that our visitors choose to travel to must have that assurance that God forbid if anything should go wrong then there is that efficiency of service ensuring that they are safe and healthy. Coming out of a global Pandemic we are aware, in fact the surveys have shown that
most of our visitors coming or travelling anywhere in the world, health and safety have become more important to them as one of the things they consider when booking a destination. As such, the TEF looks at opportunities to shore up our health services right across the length and
breadth of Jamaica, but particularly our resort towns” Dr. Wallace said.

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