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The Ministry of Transport and Works, has been carrying out major road works, particularly repairs to retaining walls, gullies, bridges and river training, since the passage of Tropical Storm Gustav in August.
Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, Senator Dwight Nelson, who made this announcement during a post-Cabinet press briefing on Wednesday (Nov. 19) at Jamaica House, said that due to Gustav and the persistent rains that followed, the island’s road network suffered considerable damage.
“The fact that the rains have been so consistent, and in fact so damaging, this has exacerbated the conditions of our roads, and has accelerated the need for us to at least look at some priority road networks for fixing.some roads are actually being repaired by the National Works Agency,” Senator Nelson pointed out.
He noted that the road works, which have already been completed include: emergency cleaning and repairs to roads in Roehampton, Red Hills, Cherry Gardens, Grants Pen, as well as Halls Crescent, all in St. Andrew. Work is also being carried out at McGreggor Gully, and Burgher Gully, and Hibiscus Close in St. Andrew (Kingston).
Senator Nelson further informed that contracts have been awarded for the creation of retaining walls, and that at least 30 contracts have been awarded for gully works. He noted that works are in progress on a number of road sections including Bombee to Allision and Cobbler (Manchester), as well as Newland Road, and Queen Street in May Pen, Clarendon.
In the meantime Cabinet also approved an additional sum of $5 million to the original $33.2 million contract, which was awarded in December 2007, for the renovation and refurbishing of the offices of the Financial Services Commission (FSC).
“The FSC decided subsequent to the execution of the contract, that there was need for greater expansion, for example, they decided that there is need for the creation of a new strong room, which will store very important documents in the event of natural disasters and really the reconfiguration of the layout of some floors,” Senator Nelson pointed out, adding that this will be funded by the FSC’s own resources.

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