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The National Child Month Committee (NCMC), is to publish a brochure, recommending safety tips, which children can take to help them maintain and preserve their safety.
In an interview with JIS News, Chairman of the NCMC, Dr. Pauline Mullings, said that when completed, the brochure would be taken to several key locations to be distributed to children.
Some of the recommendations are that children should walk in groups; they should be more alert; they should keep their parents’ or guardians’ telephone number on speed dial in their cellular phones, in case of an emergency; they should inform their parents or guardians if they are going to the library or any other place; and they should take licensed taxis (red plate).
Dr. Mullings said the current spate of attacks against children was very disturbing and at a recent meeting of the NCMC, a decision was taken to do whatever it could, to assist in protecting the children.
“I represent a body of persons who are grieving. We are in the process of gathering information to prepare a brochure to go up to the bus park to give out to these children, just to help them with their safety and we are going into the park ourselves, to issue them to the students,” she said.
Dr. Mullings emphasised that something has to be done urgently, to stem the attacks against the nation’s children, pointing out that the perpetrators must be caught and put before the Courts.
“Persons must understand the value of life and respect our children. They must give them a chance to grow, mature and become adults,” she said.
“I don’t care how they came. I don’t care if they weren’t planned for. God gave them life and they have a purpose and we would like them to grow up and fulfill that purpose. We are very upset that people are just cutting them down and taking away this purpose from them,” Dr. Mullings said.
The Chairman said there are also tips for parents. “If your child doesn’t get home by a certain time, contact the child, the school or the pick-up service. If you have a pick-up system, give them a code. If you can afford it, take your children to school and pick them up after classes. We have to take some responsibility for the safety of our children,” she told JIS News.

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