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Unique Jamaica, a local tour operator and the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) are pooling their resources for the benefit of the country’s tourism sector.
Less than a month after the world premier of the full length travel feature on the island’s hot spots and attractions, the two companies have teamed up to present a vacation package inspired in part by the adventures of Prime Minister P.J. Patterson, and American Peter Greenburg of The Travel Channel, as documented in “Jamaica: The Ultimate Tour”.
‘Jamaica: The Ultimate Tour,’ which tracked Prime Minister Patterson in his unprecedented journey up the mountains and along the glistening coastline of Jamaica, has spawned an adventure travel package that explores the entire island.
While The Travel Channel feature is a personal travelogue around the island, visitors who book the ‘Ultimate Tour’ package will have a choice of three options that takes into consideration all of the key concerns in vacation planning.
Each package features overnight stays at luxurious resorts such as Round Hill, the Caves and Strawberry Hill. The schedules include activities such as kayaking excursions along the rugged coast of Negril, a sampling of the finest jerk cuisine at Scotchie’s, hiking through the Blue Mountain, river rafting on the Rio Grande or a rainforest canopy tour with Chukka Cove Adventures.
Each package is priced to include all meals, ground transportation, overnight stay and activities and “brings The Travel Channel episode to life”, says one industry source.
“The Ultimate Tour” package falls in line with the JTB’s effort to draw attention to the unique experiences and cultural elements within Jamaica and exposes visitors to challenging adventures as well as the undiscovered treasures that lay within the island’s shores.

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