LOC Strategises to Boost Ticket Sales

The Jamaica Local Organising Committee (LOC) is reporting that it has received official permission to pursue different strategies to further boost ticket sales with less than two weeks to go for the staging of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007.
“I can say that we have sat down and come to an agreement with the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) to move some tickets in a prescribed manner, which involves cricket associations across the island,” Robert Bryan, Executive Director of the Jamaica LOC said at a recent press conference at the headquarters of the LOC.
There is also a specific programme designed and focused on the nation’s school cricket programme that is now in effect. “We are working again with the JCA to get that done, so that all our schools participating in competitions, such as Headley Cup, will be targeted,” he said. These programmes, he added, would depend on the ticket status of different matches.
The Jamaica LOC, Mr. Bryan said, was intent on being proactive, even in relation to ticket sales for the warm up matches. “The encouragement that we feel is based on these ticket sales for the warm-up matches which, everybody has agreed was substantially weak in its very nature, so we are excited that people are buying the tickets to come and watch these matches,” he said.
In fact, the overall sale of tickets increased by 15 per cent in the week of February 19 to 24.
“Ticket sales for the opening ceremony are doing extremely well. The sales for the West Indies versus Pakistan match are also doing well and semi-final sales are up. The Ireland versus Pakistan match is showing a lot of energy and all the West Indies games are doing quite well,” Mr. Bryan pointed out.
“I am prepared to call it.tickets for the opening match are almost finished and the opening ceremony are too,” he revealed. With this in mind, he encouraged cricket fans to take the necessary steps to get their tickets now.
Meanwhile, a ticket office at the Trelawny multipurpose stadium is up and running and only tickets for the Jamaica’s Yellow Package will be available at this location due to some technicalities.
Under the Yellow Package of the ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007, Jamaica will host four warm-up matches from March 5 to 9 and the opening ceremony on March 11 at the Trelawny multipurpose stadium. Some 6 first round matches, including the opening match of the tournament between the West Indies and Pakistan, will be played at Sabina Park on March 13, in addition to a semi-final match.

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