CWC Opening Ceremony Performers Travel in Convoy to Trelawny March 10

The Local Organising Committee (LOC) is calling on all Jamaicans to come out on March 10 to cheer on the cast and crew for the opening ceremony for the ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007, as they travel from Kingston in a bus convoy to the Trelawny multipurpose stadium.
The route of the convoy from Kingston will go through the Bog Walk gorge and along the North Coast to Trelawny.
“We would like to get all Jamaicans along the route to come out and show solidarity. I think that the cheer will help to bolster the confidence of the youngsters and encourage them to do their best,” Robert Bryan, Jamaica LOC Executive Director said at a recent press conference in Kingston.
He said that the cast members numbering as much as 2,045, have been working together for months in preparation for what is billed a Pan Caribbean flavoured spectacle. Of the total, 1,600 participants range between the ages of 15 and early 20s.
Commenting on the preparations for the ceremony, Mr. Bryan said that finding accommodations for both cast and crew has been challenging; however, much is being accomplished.
“The final planning for the major cast is that we have now secured agreements to fully take over the William Knibb and Holland High Schools. We are now putting in place our final arrangements for getting that done,” he pointed out.
The Executive Director also disclosed that the LOC had retained the services of Captain Lloyd Smith to handle all logistical operations in respect to the school locations. His duties will also include ensuring that all the necessary arrangements for the security and orderly accommodation of the cast are carried out.
“We are far advanced in finalizing details with the Jamaica Defence Force in respect of logistical support for movement across the country, because we have a convoy of 37 buses moving across the country and you can well imagine moving that amount of persons across the island,” he said.
The final dress rehearsal for the opening ceremony is set for March 10.
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