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Principal of the Little Bay Primary and Infant School in Westmoreland, Keron King, says students who sat the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examinations performed well, as more than 80 per cent received passes for a school of their choice.

In an interview with JIS News, Mr. King stated that the passes are a success for the community of Little Bay, the parents and the staff, “everybody is extremely happy for the passes and the support that we have been [getting]”.

Mr. King noted that of the 12 students who sat the exams, three students received passes for the Hampton School for Girls in St. Elizabeth; two students will be going to Munro College, also in St. Elizabeth; one student passed for Belmont Academy in Westmoreland, and one student will be attending the Manning’s School, also in the parish.

Three students will be attending Godfrey Stewart High, and two students will be attending Petersfield High and Little London High in the parish.

Mr. King said that the parents were excited [and] “when the results were announced many of them cried; the donors to the school are [also] very happy about the passes”.

He expressed gratitude to Regional Director of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information – Region Four, Dr. Michelle Pinnock, for her continued support of the institution.

He also thanked the school’s donors, who offer unwavering support – the Little Bay community, the Rockhouse Foundation, Cornerstone Jamaica and the Uzazi Foundation.

Mr. King lauded the teachers at the school, particularly the grade-six teachers, who were vital to the success of the students.

“I think at Little Bay we have the best set of teachers in the country, they are very dedicated and very committed to anything that they are doing,” he said.

“It’s a very happy moment, we are a very small community, a fishing village, so all the students [who sat the exams] are from in the community, so [Little Bay] is celebrating,” Mr. King said.

Placement of PEP students in high schools was done using the May 26 Ability Test scores combined with the results of the Grade Four Performance Task exams in Language Arts and Mathematics that the students took in 2019.

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