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Efforts by the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. to establish a Caribbean section have been boosted, with the presentation of a series of books on Jamaica, to the facility, by Ambassador to the United States, Anthony Johnson.
The books, which depict the life and work of Jamaican Jewish Artist, Isaac Mendes Belisario (1794-1849), were made available by author, Jackie Ranston, through Valerie Facey of publishing house Mill Press Limited. Belisario is remembered for having preserved the culture of the slaves with his works of art.
In making the presentation to the library recently, Ambassador Johnson said that after learning that there was no West Indies or Caribbean section at the Library of Congress, he felt driven to ensure that the Caribbean story was well represented at the world’s largest library.
The establishment of the Caribbean section in the Library of Congress comes after 100 years of not being recognised. Ambassador Johnson said it is important that the histories of the Caribbean and Jamaica are made available to the large number of readers, who use the library daily, and pledged to use his influence with the core of Caribbean ambassadors in Washington, to ensure that much needed books and information on the region, are made available to the library.
In accepting the books, Acting Chief of the library’s Hispanic Division, Dr. Everett Lawson, said that he is very pleased and grateful to receive the material from Jamaica to help improve the Caribbean and international collection. The presentation will help to show to the readers from all over the world, he stated, that the library is able to offer them diversity in their choice of reading material.
According to Dr. Lawson, the library has been receiving requests for information about the history of Jamaica and the wider Caribbean, and the reading material presented, will be of great help in improving the facility’s offerings. Dr. Lawson further elaborated that books of the type presented will increase readers’ awareness and generate more interest in Jamaica, its history and beauty.

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