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Jamaica’s High Commissioner to Canada, Carl Marshall, has described the late Dr. Garth Taylor as an exceptional human being.
In a tribute to the doctor who died on November 19 at the Ottawa Heart Institute, High Commissioner Marshall said his service to humanity was exceptional.
The High Commissioner said, “Dr. the Honourable Garth Taylor, O.J., was an exceptional human being. He represented both his country of birth, Jamaica, and his adopted home, Canada with unqualified distinction. His service to humanity, through the practice of ophthalmology, was extraordinary.”
He added that as an ophthalmic surgeon, Dr. Taylor contributed greatly to the advance and practice of ophthalmology, and through ORBIS and Canadian Surgical Eye Expeditions (CANSEE) was able to share his expertise across the world, transcending barriers of ideology, race, creed and colour.
CANSEE is a voluntary organisation that was co-founded by Dr. Taylor.
The opthalmologist lectured and conducted hands-on training in ophthalmic surgery and other treatment procedures in the former Soviet Union, China, India, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean as well as elsewhere, and at Queen’s University where he was a lecturer.
“For his dedication and singular contribution to the field of ophthalmology and his outward reach in the service of humanity, Dr. Taylor was honoured by countries, his profession, institutions that helped to mould him, organisations with which he was associated and others who felt the compelling need to identify with his achievements and goodness,” the High Commissioner said.
Mr. Marshall continued, “even today he is being honoured in an especially enduring way by the thousands of poor individuals across the world, who quietly carry their testimonies of gratitude in their hearts as they see and experience the wondrous workings of God’s Gift”.
Dr. Taylor was the recipient of many awards for distinguished and humanitarian service. In October the Government of Jamaica conferred on him the Order of Jamaica.
“Dr. Garth Taylor was a model for emulation in many ways,” Mr. Marshall continued, adding, “he was well planted firmly rooted in his understanding of his function as a human being. He performed his function and tasks with the excellence proper to them. He was a good man. He was the perfect fusion of humility, purpose and caring. A great son has passed on.”

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