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Oshaine Thompson, a 10-year old grade six student of the Sandy Bay Primary and Junior High School in Hanover, is the 2005/2006 Junior Mayor for the Hanover Parish Council.
Oshaine was selected by seven other junior councillors representing schools from across the parish, who participated in the Hanover Parish Council Junior Mayor competition, which was held recently to mark November as Local Government and Community Development Month.
Schools were invited to select a representative as a junior councillor, who would address a meeting of the junior council. The young representatives were required to select one of six given topics for presentation. They were: ‘My Community has Issues’; ‘In Praise of the Good Around Me’; ‘Community Development leads to National Development’; ‘Hanover is a Tourist Destination’; ‘The Environment is Hanover’s Greatest Resource’; and ‘It is the cost of high living not the high cost of living that makes the cost of living high’.
The topic of choice for Oshaine was ‘My Community Has Issues’, and he spoke about infrastructural, educational, social, economic and environmental issues in his home community of Sandy Bay. Oshaine, in his presentation, called for measures to be put in place to address youth unemployment, teenage pregnancy and lamented the lack of a library for children to do research for school.
“We the children are flowers of the nation, we all want to bloom beautifully, but when we take a look at Sandy Bay we see shops, brothels, nightclubs, but do we see a library?” he asked, “no” he answered.
He made a plea for a more regular schedule for the collection of garbage and for measures to address unplanned development to reduce flooding.
Turning to the Mayor of Lucea, Councillor Lester Crooks, Oshaine remarked, “Mr. Chairman I appeal to you, help to address these issues, so that we the children, flowers of the nation will not be stifled, but bloom into the most beautiful orchids you have ever seen, rear with magnificence, beauty and great essence.”
The students, moved by Oshaine’s impassioned plea, gladly elected him Junior Mayor, with Tina Renier from Lucea Preparatory, who spoke on the topic: ‘Hanover is a Tourism destination’, elected as the Junior Deputy.
Mayor of Lucea, Lester Crooks, commended the participants, pointing out that all the presentations were of a high quality.

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