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Executive Director of the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), Franklin McDonald, has appealed to the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) to take its place on the Committee to Rehabilitate Kingston Harbour.
Mr. McDonald made the plea on Monday (Sept.15), at a seminar held for KSAC Councillors at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston, while responding to concerns, about the state of the Kingston harbour, and the sewerage problems facing communities below Torrington Bridge in downtown Kingston.
“We have tried very hard to bring the Council into these discussions over the last several years, as both the KSAC and the St. Catherine Parish Council are critical players in fixing Kingston Harbour,” said Mr. McDonald.
He further argued that, “even if we fix the sewerage plants, which are in the hands of the National Water Commission (NWC), there are significant individual and business activities that impact the harbour, and I’m appealing to the Council to take its place on the rehabilitation committee, which is in place to make your voice heard, on this very important matter”.
Mr. McDonald also pointed out that Palisadoes and Port Royal have been designated protected areas, as well as other protected areas, in St. Andrew, which was the responsibility of the Council. He said that there was room for other areas to be declared protected areas.
He informed that they were working on a number of pieces of regulations, including air quality, sewerage and trade effluent, and environmental management systems to ensure that more of the sewerage treatment plants and facilities were not impacting negatively on their surroundings. He also called for the Council’s support in a big way, regarding education and enforcement.
“We need to commit and maintain the commitment, and recognise that sensitive development requires governance across traditional jurisdiction, as this was not about Ministries and entities holding ground,” Mr. McDonald said, noting that it required a great effort or a joined-up effort.
NEPA, he said, wanted help in building a vision of sustainability for the KSAC, along with the other parishes. “But we need civil society, the private sector, central government agencies and the community, to support Kingston and St. Andrew’s sustainable development plan through the Parish Development Committee (PDC)-driven team now in place,” Mr. McDonald said.

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