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The problem of garbage pile up in Westmoreland should be addressed shortly with the acquisition of two compactor trucks by the Parish Council.
Delford Morgan, Mayor of Savanna-la-mar and Chairman of the Westmoreland Parish Council, told JIS News yesterday (Sept.16), that in addition to the compactors, which should be delivered by the end of October, trucks from St. James would be helping to transport garbage to the Retirement landfill.
Mayor Morgan said the poor mechanical state of the parish’s five operating units had resulted in an inability to collect garbage on a regular basis. “The volume of garbage in the parish cannot be effectively managed by these limping units, which have to make regular trips all the way to Retirement in St. James, because the parish of Westmoreland does not have a landfill site,” he said.
Noting that the new compactors had the capacity to collect two or three times more garbage than the existing units, he said they would reduce the burden on manpower and bring the parish’s garbage problem under control.
Mayor Morgan appealed to citizens to be responsible in the disposal of all solid wastes, in order to avoid pollution of water sources, as well as to minimize the breeding of mosquitoes or the outbreak of diseases.

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