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With less than two weeks to go before the start of the new school year, the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) is encouraging commuters, especially school children, to utilise the smart card, as this is a safe, convenient and economical way to travel.
Marketing and Communications Manager at the JUTC, Gwyneth Davidson, told JIS News that, “the JUTC has always found school children to be a very important part of our commuters. We want to encourage parents to get their children to use the smart cards”.
“Using the smart card is very convenient, you don’t have to find the exact change all the time and you don’t have to worry about giving the child a hundred dollar bill to take out $15,” she said.
Mrs. Davidson pointed out that the smart card offered a 10 per cent discount on every single ride, “so if you are going to be paying $15 by cash with the smart card, that is $13.50. If you pay $50.00 for a ride you end up paying $45.00, so you save money”.
“It is also very safe, because if for whatever reason the smart card gets damage or lost, then you can always transfer the balance to another card and you are good to go again,” she said.
She also informed that persons could top up their smart card once a week, every fortnight, or once a month.
Meanwhile, she is reminding school children to exercise caution when travelling on the bus. “When you’re on the bus, do not stand on the step and remain there, step up and hold on,” Mrs. Davidson said.
She is also advising children to be very careful with their personal belongings while travelling. “When you’re travelling, keep your bags closed and keep your personal belongings where you can see them and feel them,” she said.
Parents are also encouraged to get their children, especially those travelling to school for the first time, familiar with the bus before the start of the new academic year. “Parents should travel with the children on a day that they are not under any pressure, maybe a weekend.show the children the route to and from the school. Let the children pay the bus fare. This will give you an idea about how competent they will be when they do it on their own,” Mrs. Davidson said.
The Marketing Manager pointed out that persons could visit the company’s website at: www.jutc.com or call their toll free number 1-888- JUTC BUS for any additional information.

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