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Minister of Health, Horace Dalley, has said that government would be taking a tough stance on the matter of immunization for back-to-school. He said that children registering for school come September, must present a valid immunization card.
Minister Dalley, who was addressing the official opening of the Registrar General’s Department’s (RGD) Portmore Pines branch recently, said that there were some 300 hospitals and clinics in the island where children could get immunized and it was perhaps a matter of “laziness and negligence why parents did not get their children immunized”.
“We will never compromise the health of other children. Mothers and fathers must be responsible; they have a responsibility, and I will never compromise on that,” he stated.
“It is so unfair to the child when the process of getting immunized is so easy and it is for that reason that we will not compromise on this issue. Parents just have to go and get it done. It is too easy not to do it and there is still time left for those, who have not yet got their children immunized,” the Health Minister stressed.

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