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A glitch in the supply of tyres for the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) buses, which resulted in some units being kept out of service for a short period recently, has been resolved.
In a release Friday (October 9), the JUTC said that the problem stemmed from a combination of cash flow challenges at the company, and a logistical setback with the supply of the tyres.
“Both issues have since been sorted out, and the JUTC’s management has resolved to ensure that there is no repeat of the circumstances which the company recently experienced,” the release said.
“The JUTC takes this opportunity to assure our valued commuters that the company remains committed to maintaining and gradually improving its overall service delivery, a commitment which is buoyed by the scheduled acquisition of 200 more new, air-conditioned buses from Belgium, beginning early next year. This will no doubt bring much greater efficiency, reliability and consistency to our service delivery in the future,” the company added.
The JUTC also advised the public that, it should be recognised that, like other public service entities and agencies, the company has been affected by the general 20 per cent cut in budgetary allocation from Central Government resulting from the ongoing global economic recession.
“Within this very challenging financial environment, and while awaiting the outcome of an application for fare increases after over four years at the same levels, the company remains resolved to meeting the needs of the commuting public as best as possible,” the company assured commuters.

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