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A contract valued at approximately $200 million was signed on Friday (October 9) by Minister of Transport and Works, Hon. Michael Henry, for works in the Comfort Castle area of East Portland.
Mr. Henry explained that the scope of work will include the construction of gabion retaining structure, with over 200 baskets, amounting to 400 square metres, along with the reinstatement of the pavement in the location of the breakaway, at a cost of $13, 589,605.63 million.
The work will also include the construction of random rubble retaining wall, with parapet amounting to $69,619,515.82 million and construction of random rubble retaining wall, U drain, kerb channel, catch basin, laying of culvert pipes and steel pipes and pavement reinstatement at an overall cost of $116, 939,810 million.
Member of Parliament for East Portland, Dr. Donald Rhodd, in his remarks noted that “once the work is completed, it is going to change the lives of the people.”
“They don’t ask for much. They are resourceful people and all they need is the means of moving around, of getting their produce out,” Dr. Rhodd said.
At a press briefing in September, Mr. Henry had announced that the Government planned to spend over $600 million repairing the road network in the ill-fated Rio Grande Valley in Portland.
He said that that the area has remained among his priorities since December 19 last year when 14 persons, from Rio Grande’s farming community, were killed after a truck transporting them to market in Kingston plunged into a ravine.
This project is to be funded from the recent special cess on fuel dedicated to the Road Maintenance Fund.

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