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The Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) has explained that the current state of some of its buses on the roads is primarily due to the drought conditions, and the consequent water restrictions.
In a release on the issue over the weekend, the JUTC’s Corporate Communications Manager, Reginald Allen, stated:
“In response to queries about the outward state of some Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) buses, the company is advising that the situation relates directly to the ongoing drought conditions affecting the island, especially the Corporate Area and St. Catherine, which have forced the severe water restrictions now in place.
“In keeping with the official requirement for non-essential use of water, including the washing of vehicles and watering of lawns, to be curtailed during the increasingly severe drought period, the JUTC has temporarily ceased the washing of the outside of its units, at least until otherwise directed by the relevant authorities. However, the inside of the buses will continue to be thoroughly cleaned.
“As a publicly-owned entity, the JUTC is bound by the stricture of public dictates and must therefore act in conformance with the emergency measures which are required for the greater public good.
“Additionally, the Company wishes to express empathy with the plight of so many householders who have, at times, been unable to get even minimal supplies of the precious commodity for basic personal convenience.
“The men and women of the JUTC will therefore not disrespect our fellow Jamaicans by breaching the water prohibitions and, accordingly, ask the travelling public to understand the measure that has been taken, and to bear with us as we all try to cope with this trying situation.”
The release also stated that the JUTC is inviting other public entities, its sub-franchise operators and other public transport operators to show similar solidarity and also conserve on the use of scarce water supplies, as dictated by the National Water Commission.

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