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Chairman of the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), Dennis Morrison has credited the speedy recovery of the Jamaican tourism sector in the post- Hurricane Ivan period to the teamwork, partnership and unity of purpose within the sector.
Mr. Morrison made this observation while giving the address at the launch of “Hospitality Jamaica”, a new tourist trade publication being put out by the Gleaner Company. The event was held at the Half Moon Hotel in Montego Bay, on Wednesday, October 13, 2004.
“I have found in my two years working so closely in the industry, a unity of purpose, which makes it possible to overcome any difficulties at all,” the JTB Chairman said. He expressed the view that despite the fact that Jamaica and the region as a whole could be considered a safe area for travel, it was the fixity of purpose and unity within the sector that were the main factors driving the success that the industry was now enjoying. He went on to pledge the Tourism Ministry and the Jamaica Tourist Board’s continued commitment.
Highlighting the level of recovery that had taken place within the sector, the Chairman pointed out that the island had experienced a good year so far, despite the brief interruption of Hurricane Ivan last month. “Already the figures are showing that we are returning to the path we were on. We were on, believe it or not, a nearly 10 percent growth rate for stop over arrivals. Up to the end of August the figure was 9.8 percent, of course Ivan passed through in September and disrupted that progress,” he informed, and further assured, “I believe based on bookings up the first week of September, and what we hear about the weeks, months ahead, we are going to return very quickly to that path”.
Mr. Morrison said he was encouraged to see that the spirit within the tourism industry was one of action and not complaint. He said the government, for its part, would do everything possible to support the initiative shown within the sector. Mr. Morrison also indicated that the JTB’s promotional plans for Jamaica as a destination would be released in a few weeks.

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