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The Ministry of Labour and Social Security informed today that the distribution of cheques to victims of Hurricane Ivan will begin on Tuesday, October 19, and that payment will only be made, based on the beneficiary listing that was generated through the assessment done.
Assessment was scheduled to be completed on October 10, but has been further extended until Sunday, October 17, as allowance has been made for households not visited during the designated period, to ensure that deserving persons are not excluded from the process.
Director of Social Security in the Ministry, Faith Innerarity told JIS News that the assessment process “has to be completed this weekend and persons who have not been visited must come forward (to their Social Security parish office) this weekend in order to be assessed”.
She pointed out that once the distribution of cheques commenced, no further assessment would be undertaken, as both processes would not be conducted simultaneously.
The Ministry has reported that to date, approximately 100,000 households have been assessed and more that 52,000 applications have been processed. Current analysis so far shows that 9 per cent of dwellings were completely destroyed, 7 per cent were severely damaged and 14 per cent suffered “other” or minor damage.
Payments will range from $5,000 for houses which received minor damage to $20,000 for houses which were completely destroyed.
Approval has also been given by Cabinet to relocate those persons whose homes were destroyed by storm surges. The communities to be targeted include Portland Cottage and Rocky Point in Clarendon and Old Harbour Bay in St. Catherine.
The Ministry of Water and Housing will undertake the relocation, in collaboration with the Office of National Reconstruction (ONR).

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