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The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) has boosted its ability to serve more customers, yesterday (Oct.1) commissioning into service 10 additional megawatts of generating capacity at the Bogue Power Station in Montego Bay.
The project, undertaken at a cost of US$8.5 million forms part of JPS’ generation expansion programme. With the additional capacity, Bogue is now the largest power generating point in the JPS system.
Vice President for Generation Expansion at the JPS, Valentine Fagan, in his remarks at the commissioning ceremony, said that the power company now has the facility to serve an additional 30,000 customers, while at the same time, achieve a US$5 million reduction in fuel cost per annum.
“This additional 10 megawatts is not your plain 10 megawatts. It is one of the most efficient 10 megawatts to be added since the construction of this combined cycle unit,” he said.
The scope of work entailed the addition of an air inlet cooling system to reduce temperatures on the combined cycle unit to a level that can facilitate the optimal production of electricity.

Prime Minister, Hon. Bruce Golding, makes a point as he addresses the ceremony for the commissioning of an additional 10 megawatts of generating capacity at the Bogue Power Station in Montego Bay on October 1.

According to the JPS, the technique is the most economical and efficient way to increase the power output of the combined cycle plant, especially in a tropical environment where plant output is dependent on the surrounding air temperature.
Mr. Valentine, in the meantime, informed that a significant amount of the expenditure for the project was spent in the Montego Bay area, adding that some 150 residents were employed during the six-month construction period.
“In fact, we were very encouraged that all the civil and mechanical work, both engineering and construction, were performed by companies located in Montego Bay,” he stated.
Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding, lauded JPS on the project and the technique used, noting that it will assist in maximising the output of the Bogue power plant, and allow for easy conversion to natural gas in keeping with government objectives.
“It is smart technology that is being used to improve efficiency and of course, to deliver electricity to customers at the lowest cost,” he stated.

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