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The Culture, Health, Arts, Sports and Education (CHASE) Fund, will be contributing $1 million to the Glenmuir High School Library and Resource Centre, in Clarendon.
This was stated by the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Billy Heaven, at the school, on September 30.
“We have already committed the funds; it is a question of the drawdown as soon as the library is up and running. They are constructing a new building and therefore we will be equipping that building,” he told JIS News.
He pointed out that the $1 million was an initial amount, as it could be reviewed to determine if other things could be done to the library and resource centre, in order to improve the learning environment.
Mr. Heaven said that over 20 schools have benefitted from the Fund’s contribution to library and resource centres islandwide. He also noted that other schools have benefitted through aspects of the culture and arts programme, such as music bands and marching bands.
The library and resource centre will be equipped with a multi media projector and screen, printer and a speaker system which, according to Principal of Glenmuir High, Mr. Clement Radcliff, will be especially beneficial to students studying Spanish.
The CHASE Fund, which was established in 2002 by the Government of Jamaica, has been fulfilling its mandate to identify and provide funding for projects that cover four broad areas – Culture and the Arts, Health, Sports and Early Childhood Education.

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