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Scores of residents from Manchester, Clarendon, and St. Elizabeth came out to get information at the launch of Jamaica National Small Business Loans Limited’s latest loan account ‘BizStart’, which allows individuals to access loans of up to $70,000.
The event was held on Thursday (July 28) at the Mandeville Hotel in Mandeville.
‘BizStart’, which is a micro business start-up loan facility, has been created for small businesses in the areas of manufacturing, agro-processing, agriculture, general services and trading.
In his greetings, Mayor of Mandeville, Councillor Desmond Harrison told the residents, “Jamaica Small Business Loans Limited is a tremendous source of influence and inspiration for many Jamaican entrepreneurs, who have the desire and competence to start their own businesses”.
The Mayor expressed satisfaction that “Jamaica National is putting its money where its mouth lies, by helping more people to find a way in the world of business and entrepreneurship in Jamaica”.
Meanwhile, guest speaker at the launch Chairman of Country-style Community Tourism Network, Diana McIntyre-Pike said, “Many people in Jamaica want to get ahead in their own environment, they do not want to be left behind” and “they don’t want hand outs”.
Mrs. McIntyre-Pike added, “I am very excited to hear what Jamaica National has done for the business people”, adding that, “the business persons can be a part of community tourism” and that “visitors can come and visit them, to support them”.
“The BizStart programme carries some special features”, noted General manager of JN Small Business Loans Limited, Frank Whylie. He informed, “before all loans are dispersed all recipients will be trained . on how to operate a successful micro business”.
In addition he said, “These loans carry a moratorium on the principal for a maximum of twelve weeks”. He added that “the capacity to stay in the programme depends on the repaying of loans on time”.
Two small business owners Dazlett Barnaby and Karen Wiltshire, both of Manchester, expressed their gratitude for the opportunity that the JN Small Business Loans Ltd. had given them.
“It’s a very good thing . it gives you the confidence to start your own business”, one of the owners said, while advising other persons to go ahead and access the loans.
JN Small Business Loan Limited is a subsidiary of the Jamaica National Building Society, which specializes in providing micro loans to the small informal commercial sector.

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