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The Jamaica Employers Federation (JEF) has undertaken to assist young graduates of high and tertiary institutions, who are first time job applicants, to adapt to the work environment through its latest publication: ‘Ready for Business & Work’.
Project Management Executive at the JEF, Lydia Ali, tells JIS News that the 36-page handbook, which was launched in September, is “reflective of the JEF’s commitment to fostering an enabling working environment for all parties and to facilitate, as smooth as possible, a transition from school to the world of work.” Miss Ali says the JEF’s decision to produce the publication, was predicated on “a lack of understanding of organizational culture and what is necessary in the work environment. This publication is intended to help in bridging this gap and providing guidance to potential employees.” The handbook incorporates key subject areas tailored to provide basic guidelines on the procedures involved when applying for a job. Areas covered include:
. ‘Get Set’ – which guides the individual in choosing a career, preparing the r

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