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In an effort to preserve Jamaica’s rich cultural heritage, the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) is establishing Culture Clubs in schools and communities across the island.
The programme aims to provide a medium through which the development of the arts can be sustained, as well as promote a greater sense of patriotism and civic pride among young people.
This was disclosed by the Executive Director of the JCDC, Delroy Gordon, during his presentation at the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Think Tank Session, Tuesday (August 18) at the Agency’s head office , Kingston.
Mr. Gordon said that about 100 clubs have already been established, in several parishes.
“The parishes of St. Elizabeth, Kingston, St. Andrew and Trelawny have launched their Culture Club programmes, officially, and each of those parishes would have in excess of 30 or 40 clubs established already,” he said.
Mr. Gordon said the programme, which commenced last year as a pilot project in three parishes, will be expanded to all 14 parishes.
“We are going to be doing the full-scale roll out of the programme pretty soon,” he added.
According to Mr. Gordon, the programme will provide a channel through which the creative talents and skills of the Jamaican people can be identified, developed and promoted.
“Cultural clubs, unlike many other clubs, is fun, it is entertainment and also very educational,” he said.
The Executive Director said the idea to start the clubs was born out of a need to assist students who would gather at the JCDC’s offices, particularly during Heritage Week, to seek information on Jamaican culture.
“By establishing culture clubs within the schools, we think that this can be a very effective vehicle through which they can learn about their history, learn about their culture, learn about their heritage and be more respectful of our national symbols and emblems and what they really mean,” Mr. Gordon explained.
He expressed concern that some persons were not cognisant of the protocol governing playing or singing of the National Anthem. He said that the clubs will try to engender “that pride and patriotism in the minds of the very young.”

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