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Executive Director of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), Delroy Gordon, wants the Commission to start providing accreditation for training in promoting Jamaican culture.
Mr. Gordon says that, although the proposal was still in discussion and planning stages, he was giving the matter his personal attention, as it is a direction in which the country needed to go.
“Jamaica is known for its culture, and we can’t afford for persons to give any wrong signals, as they relate to what our culture really is, or to water-down or dilute the rich cultural heritage that we have,” he said.
Mr. Gordon, who was speaking at a JIS (Jamaica Information Service) Think Tank on Tuesday (August18), said that discussions have already begun with training agencies.
“We started discussions a year or so ago with HEART Trust/NTA, in terms of providing certain standards, and now our subject specialist will be working with them to establish some basic standards relating to our talents, our entertainment and how they are showcased,” he explained.
“We are hoping, someday soon, the JCDC becomes an accrediting agency that can assist in the accreditation process, because we need to recognise that we are no longer locked away by ourselves as an island in some little remote section of the Caribbean,” he said.
Mr. Gordon noted that currently the JCDC carries out training and some degree of certification. However, that training is optional.
“Where my head space is, is to see a day, in the not too distant future, when for one to become an entertainment co-ordinator, an exponent of Jamaica’s culture or any authority on it, or even to promote a cultural event, they would need to have some certification approved by the JCDC,” he told JIS News.
There is currently a move, within the JCDC, to improve and build internal capacity, as it relates to events management and production and increased focus will be placed in that direction, he said.
He said that JCDC recognises the important role the creative industries can play in job creation, and wants to play its part along with other stakeholders in training persons with creative talents.

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