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The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) is creating a video of the 2012 National Festival Song, which should be ready by next week.

The song entitled: ‘Real Born Jamaican,’ written by Abbygaye “Abby” Dallas and Leebert Morrison, took first place at the finals of the competition held recently at the National Arena in Kingston.

Ms. Dallas, who performed the winning song, is the third female to have won the competition, following Heather Grant, who emerged victories in 1992 with the song, ‘Mek Wi Put Things Right;’ while Cheryl Clarke won in 1999 with ‘Born Inna JA.’

Coordinator of the Festival Song Competition, JCDC, David Reid, told JIS News that a team is currently developing the concept for the video.

"We are just trying to run through the concept with the potential video director so that we could push that through as early as this week and to have it ready for the public by next week,” he said.

Mr. Reid said the aim is for Jamaicans to know the song before Independence Day on August 6 and “be able to sing along as the date gets closer."

He said the other top songs including ‘Jamaica Beat Dem Bad’ by Tashina McKenzie and ‘Still Going Strong’ by O’Neil Scott, will also be promoted for Independence.

“Surely, we will push as many of the artistes right throughout the year to allow them to get the exposure and to keep afresh the Festival Song Competition across the nation," he added.

The other songs in the competition were: ‘Jamaica Jah Mek Ya’ by Calvin “Rasta KeeKee” Wisdom; ‘Bess A Bess,’ by Denton “Monsoon” Bedward; ‘This A Mi Island’ by Nester “Humilty” Chung; ‘Jamaica Mi Love Unu,’ by Sheldon Howell; ‘One for All Jamrock’ by Reginald Mills and Gregory Allison; and ‘Down in Jamaica’ by Rudolph “Rudy” Tomlinson.


By E. Hartman Reckord, JIS PRO

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