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The Ministry of National Security is applauding the partnership between the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force (JCCF) and Running Events Jamaica Limited.

Speaking at the official handing over ceremony for a donation of $200,000 from Running Events to the JCCF on January 29, the Ministry’s Acting Senior Director of the Offender Management Branch, Janice Shaw, noted that working with the private sector is a part of the Ministry’s mandate.

“This gesture by Running Events Jamaica falls under our five-pillar crime strategy, specifically social development. This strategy addresses many of the contributing risk factors to crime and violence, through multi-disciplinary partnerships,” she said.

The donation from the race logistics management company will be used to assist in the expansion of  the JCCF’s musical band.

Ms. Shaw said the youth-based organization is important to preparing students to become productive and creative citizens.

“They facilitate the engagement of young people in positive, impactful and meaningful activities. These partnerships will enable them to be better able to avoid negative influences,” she added.

Commandant of the JCCF, Colonel Errol Johnson, also emphasised the  importance of collaborating with the private sector, as the JCCF aims to increase its membership.

“Our intention is to sell the product (JCCF) to youth, but we want corporate Jamaica to recognise what we have done and how much greater the organisation’s impact can be if they assist us,” he said.

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