JIS News

The Jamaica Business Development Corporation’s (JBDC) Incubator and Resource Centre, located at 76 Marcus Garvey Drive, is currently hosting a series of training seminars and workshops, aimed at assisting micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to improve their operations and increase their efficiency.

The seminars and workshops, which will be held until the end of April, include manual pattern making; researching business opportunities, costing and pricing, and bulk cooking.

In an interview with JIS News, Centre Manager, Opal Nembhard pointed out that the training sessions are aimed at recognising the MSMEs needs and to develop programmes and initiatives aimed at satisfying these needs, which should result in improved business operations and production of products which meet competitive standards.

Outlining details on each course offering, the Centre Manager noted that the manual pattern making course is from January 4 to March 25 and will “provide step-by-step training to assist the participants to create patterns for any size and shape in dresses, pants, skirts, shirts and children’s wear."

“The workshop will be delivered in three phases – drafting basic blocks; draft manipulation and slashing and spreading,” she added.

The researching business opportunities workshop will be hosted on February 22 and is geared at allowing existing and potential business owners to learn how to properly research each business opportunity and eliminate loss of investment.

Areas to be examined include: guidelines for choosing a business; what is a business opportunity and the advantages and disadvantages; evaluating a potential opportunity; and what makes a business great.             

Ms. Nembhard informed that the costing and pricing workshop will run from February 23 to 24 and will “help persons to cost their products, jobs or services more accurately and to establish price levels to recover their costs and achieve a profit."

“The costing and pricing sessions will include courses such as basic accounting; financial forecasting; determining product cost and product pricing. “The bulk cooking training sessions will assist persons who cater for large groups to become skilled in preparing menus for different types of events as well as master the art of organising successful bulk cooking operations,” she added.

In terms of cost, she explained that the business courses run between $3,000 and $5,000, while the more technical courses such as the pattern making, which runs over a three month period (one day per week) is for $20,000. This cost covers one-on-one supervision and all the tools needed to pursue the course.

“At the end of the workshops, participants will receive the JBDC certificate of participation. In addition, persons completing the bulk cooking course can receive the HEART/NTA Statement of Competency certification,” Miss Nembhard said. 

She explained that the overall objective is to improve existing skills and the final output that comes from the various entities that interact with the Corporation.

“These courses are vital and are offered as part of the JBDC’s mandate of fostering business development. At JBDC, we look at not only how you are going to operate technically, but also how your business functions. So, for each training or course offered, we try to include elements of how exactly you organise your business with guidance from our in-house business development officers,” the Centre Manager pointed out.

She added that training at the centre is available to anyone in small business operation, that is, from a one-man operation to a small business with 20 to 50 persons, who may need some form of assistance. Persons targeted should be 17 to 70 years old and have a business need.

For more information on the seminars and workshops, persons may contact the centre at: 923-4729 or 618-0605.