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Jamaica’s Consul General to Toronto, Seth George Ramocan, has urged Canadian students to go after their dreams.

Mr. Ramocan was addressing hundreds of students at the Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario, on Tuesday February 8, as part of their annual Black History Month assembly.

Speaking on the theme: ‘Keep the Dream Alive’, the Consul General urged the students to “consciously and deliberately construct a dream by thinking and creating pictures in your mind of the things you want to achieve in life.  Such dreams are driven by a strong desire and a passion to do or achieve something extraordinary to impact your life, the life of your community or all of humanity”.

Mr. Ramocan, who is also a counsellor and pastor, gave them tips on how to keep their dreams alive and translate them into reality.

“The first thing you must do is to picture the dream in your mind and then put it down on paper.  Write out clearly what your dream is so you can understand it and relate it to others.  Get a scrap book and put pictures or your own drawing of your dream in there.  Get information on your dream or passion and include it in your scrap book, which is now your Dream Book,” he stated.

Mr. Ramocan further told the students to share their dreams with those who will give them encouragement and constructive criticisms, and to stay away from persons who will discourage them.

“Then, you must pursue your dream relentlessly.  You need to set a timetable when you expect to achieve your dream and how you are going to do it.  Does this mean you have to go to school for a number of years?  In school, when others are wasting time you won’t be wasting time.  You know what you want to achieve because you are on a mission,” he pointed out.

The Consul General said the students will notice that their dreams will start to shape their lives, their attitude, their manners and the way they behave and relate to others and in the end they will be able to fulfill their dream.

Mr. Ramocan was invited to address the school’s assembly by the Fletcher’s Meadow Inspirational Young Achievers (FMIYA) Club, which seeks to help students become leaders through character education, artistic expression, and scholarship and community connection.  Among the club’s objectives is to “encourage awareness, recognise and celebrate the many achievements and contributions of black heroes, whom throughout history, have done much to make the world culturally diverse and prosperous”.

Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School has a population of some 2,000 students.  Approximately 65 per cent of the student body is black, with the majority being of Jamaican heritage. 



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