JIS News

The Jamaica Business Development Centre (JBDC) and the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona, have formalised a partnership to add a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship, to the range of business programmes currently being offered.
Speaking with JIS News, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of the JBDC, Valerie Veira, explained that the degree programme, which would be offered this academic year, was implemented in recognition of the importance of entrepreneurship and the need to strengthen the Jamaican economy through education.
The CEO said the partnership was part of the JBDC’s thrust to foster the development of businesses at different levels in the society.
“What this programme is injecting, is the option for students leaving university, to be equipped to develop their own business and employ somebody, instead of looking for a job,” Ms. Veira pointed out.
She added that the programme would be characterised by a strong “action research” orientation, which emphasises “learning by doing,” through strategic alliances with agencies outside of the university.
“We have brought in the practitioners from our various agencies and organisation, the Ministry of Labour, to address labour laws and its impact on business operation; Companies Office of Jamaica, which will speak to procedures to take when establishing a small business or company; Trade Board and Jamaica International Property Office (JIPO) and other relevant entities,” Ms. Veira outlined.
It is hoped that the Entrepreneurship degree programme will bolster the capacity of graduates to establish their own ventures; enhance the capacity of graduates to drive innovation and change, through employing and developing appropriate strategies and ‘cutting edge techniques’; and enable graduates to join existing operations and contribute to their advancement and sustainability, by utilising entrepreneurial best practices.
Candidates for the degree programme will be required to undertake 90 credit hours of study or 30 courses.