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Minister of Information, Senator Burchell Whiteman, has urged Jamaicans to embrace the world standard of excellence in order the face the challenges presented by globalisation.
This call was made at yesterday’s (Nov.23) launch of Dr. Ben Henry’s book: ‘How to Become a World-Class Individual: 33 Strategies for Success’, at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston.
Senator Whiteman pointed out that, “as a people, we have faced many challenges like any other nation and yet we have still done ourselves and the nation proud (and) because of this, we “have never been relegated to the scrap heap of irrelevance.”
“We can stand tall among the nations of the world, proud of our achievements in sports, music, arts and in our political leaders, who have been in the forefront of defending the social and economic dignity of mankind,” he declared. “We are indeed a people with world-class potential, indeed of world-class standard,” he stated.
The Information Minister noted further that, “with globalization comes competition”, hence Jamaicans must be “world-class or no class”.
“There is need to prepare ourselves for the challenges that may occur” within the global market, which is not always fair to developing countries like ours”, he added.
The Minister said that the working world demanded professionals at all levels, and said that Dr. Henry’s publication provided the “tips for life for the individual working towards achieving success.” The book was launched in conjunction with the Values and Attitude Secretariat.

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