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Minister of Justice, Hon. Delroy Chuck, is appealing for Jamaicans to start thinking first class.

He said that “Jamaica will never achieve first-world status unless our people start thinking first class. We can only build a good society and a great nation if our people are good and think greatly.”

Minister Chuck was speaking at a Justices of the Peace training session held on November 3 at the Jamaica Conference Centre, downtown Kingston.

He said that persons should desist from looking at all the problems the country faces and casting blame, and, instead, use their imaginations to see the country for what it could be and ask “why not?”.

He argued that there is a lot more to be accomplished as the country strives to provide first-world services and facilities for its citizens and residents.

“We have to start the conversation on what Jamaica will look like and what Jamaica can become,” Minister Chuck pointed out, noting that if the people lack ambition and vision, the country will never succeed.

He commended the Chief Justice, Bryan Sykes, for his vision and dedication to making the country’s justice system first-rate.

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