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Jamaican planning and engineering professionals have offered the use of national codes and processes to the government of Haiti as part of institutional strengthening in that country’s rebuilding efforts.
The Jamaican Institution of Engineers has made the Jamaican Building Code available and the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) has also offered their development application and approval procedures.
The Minister of Tourism for Haiti, Patrick Delatour, was informed of this when he made a courtesy call on Prime Minister Bruce Golding at Jamaica House on February 25.
The Jamaican Building Code, which was completed in 2009, meets international standards for energy conservation, fire safety, plumbing and fuel gas safety, among others. The Code will be enforced under the Jamaica Building Code Act when it is passed into law. It is expected to be of great use to Haiti as the code is specific to the geological and climatic conditions of the island, which would be similar to that of the neighbouring nation.
Prime Minister Golding said that the Mexico-Caricom Summit held earlier this week in Cancun, resulted in a commitment by Mexico to support the Caricom presence in Haiti which would now go beyond relief to serve other areas of need.
Mr Delatour noted that his government considered Caricom efforts to be central to their plans.

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