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Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, said that Jamaica must go back to the basics, in seeking to rebuild and strengthen the family structure, as a solution to the country’s problems.
“We must now go back to basics…I believe that we can bring back the country from the precipice of social destruction if we speak with one voice about the things that are wrong with Jamaica, and commit to using what is right to fix what is wrong with Jamaica,” he said.
“I believe that we can take back Jamaica family by family, community by community, one person at a time … it will require all of us working together for the greater good of the country … you would be surprised at the positive impact that you can make,” the Governor-General stated, as he addressed citizens of Westmoreland on July 8 at the Sean Lavery Faith Hall in Savanna-la-Mar.
The family unit, he noted further, must be used to promote positive values and attitudes and “inculcate those fundamental morals and principles that form the basis on which any society that seeks to grow and develop, must build.”
He urged Jamaicans to believe in themselves and “to allow the young people of the country to see qualities that they can admire and emulate.”
“We must believe in ourselves. It is time that we believe in our creative abilities. Let the youths see and understand that we truly love and believe in this country. I call on all of us to begin to mentor our youths. Hold high standards, and work closely with your communities and seek to build trust between groups and factions and do what we can to create the environment in which all of us can live, grow and care for our families,” he urged.
“Let’s keep hope alive as I believe that every Jamaican can contribute to the development of this beautiful country,” he added.
The Governor-General, who was accompanied by Lady Allen, also visited Gray’s Pepper Products in Savanna-la-Mar as well as Kool Runnings Water Park in Negril, where he met with staff member and patrons of the amusement park.
The visit to Westmoreland was part of an island-wide tour, which started last month.

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