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The Hanover Health Department will be carrying out vector control activities, as it moves to contain the increase in the mosquito population, resulting from the high levels of rainfall in the parish since the start of the hurricane season in June.
“It is a situation that affects us as a population in different communities”, said Acting Medical Officer of Health for Hanover, Dr. Diahann Dale, in a presentation at the monthly meeting of the Hanover Parish Council on July 9 in Lucea.
She said the department will begin fogging, using hand held foggers, to contain the adult mosquitoes, and oiling, to target the larvae.
She informed that the department is in possession of an ultra low volume (ULV) mosquito fogger, but needs a dedicated vehicle on which to mount the machine. She appealed for the Parish Council’s assistance in acquiring such a vehicle.
The ULV machine is used for spraying mosquito infested areas, as a means of controlling the adult mosquitoes. It is said to be more effective than the traditional hand-held foggers, as the emissions cover a wider area. The ULV machine is best suited to be mounted on a dedicated unit for continuous use and for it to be moved from place to place.
Dr. Dale urged residents to help to reduce the mosquito population in the parish by eliminating breeding sites around the home. This includes emptying water from objects in the yard such as flower pots and pet bowls, and removing debris that can hold rainwater, like old tyres.
“As we seek to work together to reduce mosquito breeding in and around our homes and in our communities… persons need to seek to reduce the mosquito population around us,” Dr. Dale stated.
She also encouraged citizens to guard against mosquito bites.

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