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The Ministry of Transport and Mining is reporting that since the resumption of testing of applicants for Driver’s and Provisional Licences at the Island Traffic Authority (ITA) under the new appointment protocol, there has been an extremely high volume of requests which have led to a significant delay in responses.

The ITA reports that due to the high volume of requests, the anticipated two day response time which was originally outlined, is now taking as long as two weeks for an appointment date to be confirmed. Even as the ITA works on a platform to further manage the booking of appointments, an appeal is being made to the public for patience as the depots manage testing along with their other responsibilities.

While cognizant of the challenges faced by customers from the original suspension due to the impact of COVID-19, ITA is working to address the safety of customers and staff, while providing the service which is in such high demand.

Testing resumed at all ITA Depot locations on June 8, 2020. Services are offered by appointment only to facilitate compliance with the required precautionary measures and the established protocol for hygiene and social distancing in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The ITA thanks the members of the public for their understanding and adherence, and urges all to conform to the prescribed measures outlined by the Ministry of Health and Wellness in combatting this pandemic.

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