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Commissioner of Customs, Danville Walker, has said that the investment made by Government in the security and detection systems at the ports of entry is yielding results.
Speaking in the wake of the seizure of 15 guns, including 5 high powered weapons, and hundreds of rounds of assorted ammunition on, December 23, Mr. Walker said that the procedures, when applied, “will work.”
The seizure took place on Industrial Terrace, in Kingston, when Police personnel from Operation Kingfish, working with the Mobile Reserve and a Customs Contraband Enforcement team, intercepted a van that had just left a freight shipping company. The weapons and ammunition were found in three television sets being transported in the van. The driver has been taken into custody.
“The scanners worked in picking up the guns,” Mr. Walker pointed out, in an interview.
Spokesman for Operation Kingfish, Detective Sergeant Jubert Llewelyn, said that investigations are being carried out to determine the origin of the weapons and where they were being taken.
“We will ensure that that all involved in this illegal activity are dealt with by the law,” he emphasised.

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