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The Kingston and Portland offices of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the office of Poor Relief are calling on the public to make donations of gifts for the children of the Portland Rio Grande valley tragedy and who lost their sole breadwinner in last Friday’s (Dec 19) motor vehicle tragedy.
Members of the public are invited to bring in toys, clothes and food items until 4:00 p.m. today, Christmas Eve to the following addresses:Ministry of Labour and Social Security14 National Heroes Circle, KingstonorSmatt Road, Port Antonio
Poor Relief Office65 Hanover Street, KingstonorArmy Lane, Port Antonio
Gifts of clothes and toys should have a label indicating the appropriate age and sex.
Arrangements will be made by the Office of the Prime Minister to deliver the items on Christmas Day.
This initiative follows an outpouring of requests by members of the public about how to immediately assist the nearly 50 children between birth and age 18 whose parents lost their lives when the truck in which they were travelling to the Coronation Market in Kingston plunged into a ravine at Dam Bridge in the Rio Grande Valley, Portland. The Government and its agencies and departments have been assisting the communities with food and other basic supplies since the tragedy on Friday night.

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