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    The Institute of Jamaica’s Programme’s Coordination Division will host its annual HUSH Children’s Symposium on Wednesday (May 20).

    The event will be a virtual occasion under the theme, ‘Views YOU Choose: Real Talk’.

    It will be hosted on the Zoom platform and is slated to begin at 10 am and go for two hours.

    The details for the event are:

    Zoom Meeting ID: 277 039 1764

    Password: 0Glsjh

    The event may also be accessed on the Institute of Jamaica’s YouTube page.


    The HUSH: Children Symposium was birthed out of a need to have negative issues affecting our children and youth brought to the fore, in order to facilitate the examining of these concerns, to highlight the impact that they have, and to bring some measure of understanding, healing and closure to those who may have directly/ indirectly been affected by them. The exploration of the various topics also sought to dissuade the youngsters from taking the undesirable paths in life by having experiential testimonies shared with them, complemented with knowledge-sharing by the professional experts in the given field. Below are the topics covered since the inception of this Symposium.

    2011 – On Sexuality and Sexual Abuse
    2012 – Risky Behaviours (Alcohol Consumption, Smoking, Early Sexual Activity, Gang Involvement)
    2013 – Broken Butterflies (Child Rights and Responsibilities, Delinquent Behaviour, Bullying, etc.)
    2014 – Disability, Equality and Accessibility
    2015 – Playing with Fire (Petty Larceny, Bleaching, Aggressive and Violent Behaviour)
    2016 – A Walk in my Shoes
    2017 – MENTal to METal: Building Resilience
    2018 – Charges, Chances, Changes
    2019 – Jus’ Bill: Peace an’ Love wi seh!
    2020 – Views YOU Choose: Real Talk

    It provides an opportunity for our students to share their thoughts, ask their questions, or otherwise discuss elements of our past topics, and for them to raise whatever new/ current concern that is relevant to them, such as the new normal in COVID-19 times. The floor is theirs.

    There will also be panelists to advance the conversation. The participants are mainly youth between the ages of 12-25 years. It is hoped that they will be motivated not to proceed down a negative pathway based on the experiences shared, and to help each other make positive, wholesome choices that will benefit them in years to come.

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