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With the emergence of innovations in agriculture, State Minister for Industry, Investment and Commerce, Dr. the Hon. Norman Dunn, anticipates that there will be new careers in the field.

“Innovation has always played an important role in agriculture… . As agriculture and industry transform due to innovation in technology, so will the agriculture-related jobs. The scope of agriculture-related job creation will shift beyond the farm,” he observed.

He was addressing the opening ceremony for the Conversations Canada Series: Emerging Careers, on Thursday (October 14).

Dr. Dunn noted that innovation in agriculture and industry will advance productivity and competitiveness in these sectors.

Adding that the use of technology and applications in the field are vast and increasingly widespread, the State Minister said, locally, education and training in the sector must keep apace of changing technologies.

Among the new and emerging fields, he noted, are agriculture digitisation and genetic editing using CRISPR and other genetic tools.

“We have to continue and consider education and training to ensure labour force readiness and adaptability, as the future of work will be ripe for new opportunities,” Dr. Dunn said.

The ‘Conversations Canada’ Series aims to showcase some of the new and emerging careers, as industries get ready to evolve in a post-COVID-19 world.

It promotes Innovation in Canadian education and training institutions, by looking at the trends, skills and qualifications needed in a post-COVID-19 economy and environment.

The three-day virtual event is being held October 14, 20 and 21, and is hosted by the Trade Commissioner Service of the High Commission of Canada in Jamaica.

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