Safety tips during this dry season to reduce the chances of fire include:

Do not discard cigarettes from moving vehicles – use ashtrays. Lit cigarettes do cause fires and can be disastrous in times of drought and high fire risk.

When pulling off the side of the road, stay away from dry grass areas.

Park vehicles so that the exhaust does not come in contact with dry grass, leaves or weeds.

Avoid cooking outdoors during this drought season. If you do cook, never leave barbecue grills unattended.

Place your grill on concrete or your driveway away from your home or any structures.

If using charcoal or wood, make sure that the fire has been extinguished by soaking it with a garden hose before disposing of the coals.

Cut back or remove any dry and dead landscaping plants or bushes around your home.

Clear leaves from your roof and gutters; rake them away from the sides of your home.

Move anything that will burn far away from structures, items like firewood, compost piles, brush piles, etc.

Notify the electric company when dead trees or overhanging limbs endanger the electric wires.

Practice fire safety with your family. If you see suspicious fire or smoke, call the fire department.

Plan escape routes away from your home by car and foot. Have a meeting place with your family.

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